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Covid: UK at 'critical moment' with coronavirus - PM (mié, 30 sep 2020)
Boris Johnson says new measures to tackle a rise in virus cases will "take time to feed through".
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Trump now tells far right to 'stand down' amid white supremacy row (Wed, 30 Sep 2020)
He denies knowing the Proud Boys group, after earlier failing to condemn it in an election debate.
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BBC News - Business

Job loss fears as furlough lifeline starts to wind down (Wed, 30 Sep 2020)
Firms face higher furlough costs from Thursday, as Labour warns millions of jobs hang in the balance.
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Bank warned ministers Covid loans were fraud risk (Wed, 30 Sep 2020)
The government was told in May its bounce back loans were at "very high risk of fraud" from organised crime.
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